Sunday, December 16, 2012

My dream black lady

Royal Enfield thunderbird 350

Its seem Sunday and nothing to do and I feel very much bored as usual anticipated to do something and I have lend a Royal Enfield thunderbird 350 from a friend as it going stand simply in his parking, At first he was reluctant and we both went to have breakfast and I was driving the Black lady she is really wild at first and thing seem to be terrific as time prolong. Few thing are really unique to her no one can’t match. This really amazing to drive such orthodox black lady is not simple you much be well verse in subject to master the same. But driving Royal Enfield is not a small task. Things she has unique to her is breaking and side rear view mirrors and one must need maintain the speed gear ratio to drive her properly this common to all bike. He got some assurance gave his bike, I have filled the tank and went for a long drive I was driving for 150 kms from my place and again I traveled to my home the same distance it seem a wonderful journey to for 300 a total I am amazed to the same, she is my pet and she has herself to me, we are two but one in soul. 

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