Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hobbies:  Bird Watching
Bird watching is interesting hobby, you will learn many thing for them. One of important thing human came to know from birds is parental, especially pigeon these are very interesting to watch, there really committed to their partner and nurturing offspring.  Pigeons have interesting and peculiar birds to watch.  Here both male and female are feed the kid and share equal responsibility. As usual male is somewhat bigger in size and more aggressive and female is soft and quite passive in nature. Before the pigeon get into commitment male pigeon use open his beck and offer something to share and female used to insert her beck inside the male and accept the offer this process in billing, from they started to live together and share their commitment, then what usual they get in to mating and started to build their own nest. In the absence of committed female one if male get any offer for some other female pigeon, it will reject the offer unlike the human.

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