Monday, September 10, 2012

Cell Phones contains more bacteria than others

Cell phones are seems to carry bacteria than a toilet seat. This is because we regularly clean toilets; we have appointed workers for that. In case of cell phones nothing is happening. We use cell phones every where, in every nook and corner. Some of the people use cell phones in toilets also, but none of us clean it. And we also have a habit of sharing the phones, so the number of hands is increased and the level of hygiene is decreased. These are the things which are close to us; they stick to our face, our mouth, our hands etc. people use this when they are sick so that the hygiene level is so much reduced. There are also some common spots where the germ gets to spread, office phone, elevator buttons etc. to limit these spread while you sick please avoid touching anything. In case of cell phone start use antibacterial wipes. This is much better than carrying germs with us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

PSI - QuitLine in Indian Regional Language

Population Services International (PSI), a non-profit making NGO, has joined hands with American Cancer Society to introduce telephone based counseling for people who wish to quit smoking. Counseling session will be serviced in English, Tamil, Hindi and other regional Languages by trained qualified Counselors.  There is also a pre quit session before quit smoking and there will be after quit for session for people who has already quit smoking.

Toll Free for QuitLine: 1800 266 0 366

Normally Very few really succeeded in quitting but now these people will have support from this NGO to quit smoking.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Temples converted into schools in Chekadi kuppam

Chekadi kuppam is a small village in Tamilnadu says that no god, no where. In the history Chekadi kuppam is flooded with temples and there is outflow of rites and rituals. People of Chekadi kuppam got awareness and slowly got recovery from their rites and rituals by Socialist leader thanthai periyar thoughts. Slowly the temples are changed into schools and at present there in no temple but their ample of schools. Those schools are called as Pagutharivu Palli kudangal. Here they are teaching periyar’s poems to the school children. They stopped practicing their rites and rituals. In every home they have thanthai periyar’s photo instead of god. In Chekadi kuppam marriages are held in a simple way by signing in bond and they are held only in Saturday and Sundays. This is called Seerthirutha Kalyanam. Our society has a belief that having a pigeon as a pet is purely unhealthy to the family. To disprove it each and every family of Chekadi kuppam grows pigeon as a pet. This society is called as Seerthirutha Samuthayum. This society leads every one of us.