Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sanjay Chopra Award to Om Prakash Yadav, The Brave Boy

Mr. Om Prakash Yadav did a brave thing that made everyone to appreciate and salute him.He is 7th standard student, son of a farmer residing in Uttar Pradesh. On Sep 4th 2010, when he going to school along with his mates in a maruthi van. Unfortunately the van caught fire due to short circuit in the gas kit. Everyone become panic at that moment. The van driver opened his door and fled away. But this brave boy opened the van door and saved his mates though the fire spreads to his face, arms and back. But he has not bothering it and saved eight of his mates. For this bravery action he awarded Sanjay Chopra Award

Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiring person carrying the Olympic torch

We all would hear about Olympic torch. Do you know about the Olympic torch history? This symbolizes the fire given to human by Greek god Prometheus, and he has been sentenced in eternal torment for the transgression by Zeus King of Greek God.

The Olympic committee will select a group, who have been achieved in any field and would be inspiring to the community or religion and country. This list is prepared and those people only will be carrying the Olympic torch to Olympic stadium. We remember Mr.sathish babu who carried Olympic torch in behalf of India; this is a prestige award for people like him. This is a most cherishing moment to every Tamilian and Indian
Mr.Sathish Babu is one of the inspiration personalities. He started his venture with a small scale turn to a 1000 crore turn over an annum. He is also known for new idea and valuable management skills.
Only people who think out of the box has been successes in past and it has cost many moment to sacrifice in all kind of activities.